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Forms and Publications About Your Appeal Rights


Offer in Compromise, Form 656-B
A Form 656-B is used to make an offer to compromise your liability for payment of less than the full amount owed.

Claim for Refund and Request for Abatement, Form 843
A Form 843 is submitted to claim a refund (or abatement) of certain overpaid (or over-assessed) taxes, interest, penalties, and additions to tax.

Proposed Assessment of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, Form 2751
A Form 2751 is used to show the corporate liability data for a proposed trust fund recovery penalty assessment.

Qualifying Children Residency Statement, Form 8836
A Form 8836 is filed with the IRS to show that you and your qualifying child meet the residency test for the earned income credit (EIC).

Collection Appeal Request, Form 9423
A Form 9423 is used to appeal a collection action. Using this form, you may request an appeal of the following actions: notice of federal tax lien, levy, seizure, or termination of an installment agreement.

Request for Appeals Review, Form 12203
This form can be used to request an Appeals review of a proposed IRS adjustment of $25,000 or less per tax year or period.

Request for a Collection Due Process Hearing, Form 12153
A Form 12153 is used to request a collection due process hearing under IRC 6320 and IRC 6330.

Statement of Disagreement, Form 12509
You can use this form to explain why you disagree with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Determination concerning relief from joint and several liability for a joint return under Internal Revenue Code sections 6013(e), 6015(b), 6015(c), or 6015(f) in the letter you received with this form.


Your Rights As a Taxpayer, Publication 1
Explains your rights as a taxpayer and includes information on the examination and collection processes.

Overview of the Appeals Process Brochure, Publication 4227
Explains the mission, overview, and expectations of the appeal process to the taxpayers.

Appeals - Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution, Publication 4167
Describes the Fast Track Mediation, Fast Track Settlement and Post-Appeals Mediation programs.

Your Appeal Rights and How to Prepare a Protest If You Don't Agree, Publication 5
Explains your appeal rights and offers information on how to protest an Internal Revenue Agent's examination report.

Collection Appeal Rights, Publication 1660
Explains your appeal rights related to the Collection Due Process & Collection Appeal Program. It also explains collection issues that can be appealed and how to appeal them.

What You Should Know About The IRS Collection Process, Publication 594
Explains what steps the IRS may take to collect overdue taxes. It includes a summary of your rights and responsibilities for paying federal taxes.

The Examination Process, Publication 3498 and 3498A
These publications explain the audit process from the initiation of the examination through the overview of the collection process, including appeals options.

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