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I Want To File My 2012 Taxes Online

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I Want To File My 2012 Taxes Online

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Mobile App Gallery API Documentation

About the API

The Mobile Apps Gallery and Aplicaciones (apps) móviles feature mobile apps and websites from government agencies on a variety of platforms in English and Spanish.

The Mobile App Gallery API can be used to retrieve information about all of the apps in the galleries.

If you are using the Mobile App Gallery API and have feedback or want to tell us about your product, please e-mail us.

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Accessing the API

Our Mobile App Gallery API is accessible via HTTP GET requests and does not require a login or API key to use.

The base URL for the API is Append the API call you'd like to make to this URL.

There are 4 URLs available to query against.

Query Examples

Error Handling

  • HTTP Code 500 = internal server error
  • HTTP Code 200 = results found
  • HTTP Code 404 = query error


API Data Model

The following fields are associated with mobile apps. Please note that not every record has data in every field, and the API will only return completed fields.

  • Id - Unique Sytem Id of the app.
  • Name – The name of the app.
  • Organization – The agency or organization for the app.
  • Friendly_URL – The URL to the app on the or App Gallery.
  • Short_Description – A short description of the app.
  • Long_Description – A long description of the app. Please note that the long description may include HTML coding.
  • Language – Whether the app is in English or Spanish.
  • Icon – The path to the icon for the app.
  • Agency - Agency associated with the app as an array.
  • Version_Details - List of version avaiable for the app as an array.

Additionally, each Version Detail secion includes following sub-data elements.

  • Version_Number - This version's number,
  • Published - The date this version of the app was published.
  • Description - Description of this version, should be similar to the registration's long description,
  • Store_Url -The URL to download or access the app.
  • Whats_New - Description of changes or features distinct to this version.
  • Platform - Operating System this version is available for.
  • Device - List of device types this version is available for as an array.
  • Rating - Average rating of this version.
  • Rating_Count - Number of ratings given.
  • Screenshot - List of url paths to screenshots of the app as an array.
  • Video - List of url paths to videos of the app as an array.
  • Language - Whether this version is in English or Spanish.


All results are in json format.

No Results

        "metadata": {
            "uri":    "",
            "count":  0,
            "offset": null
        "results": []

Good Results

        "metadata": {
            "uri":    "",
            "count":  3,
            "limit":  3,
            "offset": 1
        "results": [ {},{},{} ]

JSONP Results

        "metadata": {
            "uri":    "",
            "count":  3,
            "limit":  3,
            "offset": 1
        "results": [ {},{},{} ]

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Terms of Service

By using this data, you agree to the Terms of Service.

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The I Want To File My 2012 Taxes Online

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