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Filing 2012 Tax Returns

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Filing 2012 Tax Returns

Filing 2012 tax returns Publication 584-B - Introductory Material Table of Contents What's New Introduction What's New The IRS has created a page on IRS. Filing 2012 tax returns gov for information about Publication 584-B, at www. Filing 2012 tax returns irs. Filing 2012 tax returns gov/pub584b. Filing 2012 tax returns Information about any future developments affecting Publication 584-B (such as legislation enacted after we released it) will be posted on that page. Filing 2012 tax returns Introduction This workbook is designed to help you figure your loss on business and income-producing property in the event of a disaster, casualty, or theft. Filing 2012 tax returns It contains schedules to help you figure the loss to your office furniture and fixtures, information systems, motor vehicles, office supplies, buildings, and equipment. Filing 2012 tax returns These schedules, however, are for your information only. Filing 2012 tax returns You must complete Form 4684, Casualties and Thefts, to report your loss. Filing 2012 tax returns Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications

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The Filing 2012 Tax Returns

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