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File state taxes free online Last year, the ADOR introduced taxpayers to a new refund payment choice. Taxpayers, filing a refund return, can receive their 2013 individual income tax refund in the form of a refund debit card, the Alabama Tax Refund Card. The Alabama Tax Refund Card is a prepaid VISA debit card and can be used just like cash at retail locations. Free teller-assisted cash withdrawals can be made at banks and credit unions that accept VISA. To receive the card, taxpayers must check the box on their 2013 Alabama tax return, indicating they wish to receive their refund in the form of a refund debit card. File state taxes free online
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TEB Voluntary Compliance

Tax Exempt Bonds (TEB) focuses on providing participants in the municipal bond industry with quality service to assist issuers and conduit borrowers in understanding their tax responsibilities. As part of that service, TEB is providing the following general information for issuers of tax-exempt, tax credit, and direct pay bonds (tax-advantaged bonds) with respect to their post-issuance compliance responsibilities as well as voluntary compliance programs including remedial actions provided under the Income Tax Regulations and the TEB Voluntary Closing Agreement Program (TEB VCAP).

The educational resources provided below are intended to help issuers and other parties locate information and authoritative sources relating to voluntary compliance. The web-based information is not intended to be cited as an authoritative source. TEB recommends that issuers of tax-advantaged bonds review the authoritative sources referenced throughout these educational resources in consultation with their counsel.

  • Section 1 - Post-Issuance Compliance
    This article provides general information on the post-issuance compliance responsibilities of issuers of tax-advantaged bonds. The on-going nature of post-issuance compliance responsibilities requires issuers to be diligent in identifying and resolving noncompliance, on a timely basis, to preserve the preferential status of tax-advantaged bonds.

  • Section 2 - TEB Self-Correction
    This article provides general information on the availability of remedial action provisions under the Income Tax Regulations that issuers of tax-exempt bonds can use to resolve tax violations without the involvement of TEB.

  • Section 3 – TEB Private Letter Rulings
    This article provides an overview description of private letter rulings, including important distinctions between private letter rulings and closing agreements related to tax-advantaged bonds. Revenue Procedure 2011-1 provides formal guidance on the process for requesting private letter rulings.

  • Section 4 - TEB VCAP Administrative Procedures
    TEB administers TEB VCAP to assist issuers in conclusively resolving violations of the federal tax laws applicable to their tax-advantaged bonds in accordance with Notice 2008-31.

  • Section 5 - TEB VCAP Resolution Standards
    TEB VCAP incorporates resolution standards in order to promote due diligence on the part of issuers and other parties to bond transactions in resolving violations of applicable federal tax laws by increasing the transparency of resolution methodologies and providing an economic incentive for issuers to timely identify violations and submit TEB VCAP requests.

  • Section 6 – Feedback on TEB Voluntary Compliance
    TEB invites issuers and other participants in the municipal bond industry to submit questions, comments and suggestions concerning its voluntary compliance programs. Please click here to send an email to TEB and include “TEB Voluntary Compliance” in the subject line of the email.
Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 04-Sep-2013

The File State Taxes Free Online

File state taxes free online Alabama Accountability Act Tax Credits File state taxes free online The 2013 Alabama Accountability Act provides a parent-taxpayer refundable tax credit available to eligible individual income taxpayers, limited to $3,563 for the 2013 tax year. File state taxes free online In addition, a scholarship granting organization (SGO) contribution tax credit is available to both individual taxpayers and corporate taxpayers. The maximum eligible amount for individuals is $7,500, but is limited to one half of the taxpayer’s tax liability amount for the year. Corporate taxpayers are limited to one half of the corporation’s tax liability amount, beginning with the corporation’s 2013 tax year. The Alabama Schedule AATC7 Alabama Accountability Tax Credit will be used to claim the credits. Full details of these tax credits are available at