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File irs extension Publication 850 (EN/SP) - Introductory Material Table of Contents Introduction Introduction This glossary is developed by the Tax Forms and Publications Division of the Internal Revenue Service, in consultation with the Translation Commission of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (Comisión de Traducciones de la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española) and with the Graduate Program in Translation of the University of Puerto Rico (Programa Graduado en Traducción de la Universidad de Puerto Rico). File irs extension Its purpose is to establish high standards for the quality of language usage, to promote uniformity in language usage, and to minimize the risk of misinterpretation of Spanish-language materials issued by the Service. File irs extension To meet the needs of the largest segment of taxpayers whose primary language is Spanish, the Service has issued certain Spanish-language materials. File irs extension Problems arise, however, because there is some variation in tax terminology used in Spanish-speaking countries. File irs extension Also, invention and compromise are involved in selecting words and phrases to describe certain tax concepts that have no precise equivalent in the Spanish language or legal tradition. File irs extension To help resolve these problems, a group of United States, Spanish, and Spanish-American academicians, professors, lawyers, accountants, translators, and tax law specialists developed this glossary. File irs extension Their long and varied experience with the tax systems in their own, and other countries, gives assurance of reliability. File irs extension The criteria used for words in this glossary are: consistency of usage with other governmental agencies, Spanish writing style for the tax forms and publications, and words relating to Accounting, Economics, Finance, Law, Technology and its related fields. File irs extension Any issuance containing language consistent with this glossary should be reasonably satisfactory for purposes of general guidance regarding the rights and obligations of taxpayers. File irs extension It is not intended, however, that any term in this glossary should be understood to change the meaning of any provisions of law, regulations, or any other authoritative precedent. File irs extension A periodic review is made to determine whether any additions, deletions, or revisions are needed. File irs extension Some of the terms listed are identified by the abbreviation “P. File irs extension R. File irs extension ” These terms are for use in tax forms and publications intended for circulation exclusively in Puerto Rico. File irs extension Users are invited to send their comments to: Internal Revenue Service Virtual Translation Office SE:W:CAR:MP:T:LS:VTO 1111 Constitution Ave. File irs extension , N. File irs extension W. File irs extension , IR-6102 Washington, DC 20224 or electronically to: vto@irs. File irs extension gov Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications
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Foreign Electronic Payments

International taxpayers who do not have a U.S. bank account may follow the instructions below to transfer funds from their foreign bank account directly to the Internal Revenue Service for payment of their individual or business tax liabilities.

Caution: Although this method of payment is available to anyone with a foreign bank account (which includes many types of financial institutions), it can be costly.  Please consider other options, including paying by credit card, to avoid the high cost of international wire transfer.  For more information on how to use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) or other U.S. based payment methods, please visit the Make a Payment site.

Note: Payments of U.S. tax must be remitted to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in U.S. dollars.

International Wire Transfer
In order to complete an international wire transfer through your foreign bank, you will need to complete the Same-Day Taxpayer Payment Worksheet (PDF 265KB) with the proper Tax Type Code and tax period (year and/or quarter) so that the funds will be properly applied to your IRS tax liability.  After you have completed the worksheet, take it to your bank to request international wiring.

Your foreign bank must have a banking relationship with a U.S. bank, although the U.S. bank does not have to be an affiliate or otherwise related to the foreign bank.  Small local banks may not be able to affect an international wire transfer but most large banks can.  If your bank is able to transfer money to the U.S., it will ask you to complete an application for international wiring.  You will need the Routing Transit Number (RTN), also known as the American Banking Association (ABA), number for the “Destination Bank”, sometimes referred to by banks as “Beneficiary’s Bank”.

To complete a wire transfer you will need the following information:

  • A completed Same-Day Taxpayer Worksheet
  • IRS account number – 20092900IRS (optional)
  • IRS account RTN/ABA Number – 091036164 US TREAS SINGLE TX

Note - Please complete the Same Day Taxpayer Worksheet PRIOR to going to your bank.  The information from the worksheet will be needed to complete the wiring application required by the bank.

The financial institution may charge you a fee for the wiring service.  If your foreign bank needs assistance, they may contact the Federal Tax Payment Service Customer Service at 314-425-1810 (Not toll free).  If you have questions regarding international wiring, please contact your local office internationally for assistance.

For more information on electronic payment options, download the Publication 966, Electronic Choices to Pay All Your Federal Taxes (PDF 796 KB).


Foreign Electronic Payments – Tax Type Code

Tax Type Codes for Individuals:

Form Number Form Name & Type of Payment 5-Digit Tax Type Code


US Individual Income Tax Return  

Payment for amended return


Extension filed


Advance payment of deficiency


Estimated tax payment


Subsequent Payment (on return or IRS Notice)



Tax Type Codes for Businesses:

Form Number Form Name (Type of Payment) 5-Digit Tax Type Code

Quarterly Excise Tax Return




Payment due on return or IRS notice



Employer’s Annual Unemployment Tax (FUTA)




Payment due on return or IRS notice



Employer’s Quarterly Employment Tax (FICA)




Payment due on return or IRS notice


Deficiency assessed by IRS



Employer’s Annual Employment Tax




Payment due on return or IRS notice



Withheld Federal Income Tax




Payment due on return or IRS notice



Exempt Organization Business Income Tax




Payment with return or IRS notice


Payment due on extension



Fiduciary Income Tax Return

Payment due on return or IRS notice



Estimated return payment


Payment on extension



Annual Withholding Tax Return for U.S. Source Income for 
Foreign Persons




Payment due on return or IRS Notice



US Corporate Income Tax




Payment due on return or IRS Notice


Payment due on extension


Amended return


2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax


8804 Annual Return of Partnership Withholding Tax (Section 1446)


8489 Civil Penalty



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