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File 2010 Taxes Late

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File 2010 Taxes Late

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Understanding Your CP145 Notice

We were unable to credit the full amount you requested to the succeeding tax period.

What you need to do

  • Read and review your notice carefully. It will explain why we were unable to apply the amount you requested to the following year’s taxes. It may also suggest additional steps for you to take, depending on your situation.
  • Compare our changes to the information on your tax return.
  • You don't need to do anything if you agree with the notice.
  • Correct the copy of your tax return that you kept for your records.
  • If you disagree with the notice, contact us at the toll-free number on the top right corner of your notice (within 60 days of the notice date).
  • Adjust this year’s tax payments to avoid any possible underpayment.

You may want to

Answers to Common Questions

Q. What should I do if I disagree with the changes you made?

A. If you disagree, contact us at the toll-free number listed on the top right corner of your notice.

Q. What do I say when I call the IRS?

A. Mention that you received a CP 145 notice and you need to review your account with a customer service representative. Be sure to have a copy of your notice and your tax return before you call.

Q. What should I do if I find you misapplied a payment or haven't credited a payment that I made?

A. Contact us with your information at the toll-free number listed on your notice. Please have your documentation (such as cancelled checks, amended return, etc.) ready when you call. Our representative will discuss the issue with you and give you further instructions.

Q. What if I need to make another correction to my account?

A. You'll need to file an amended return.

Q. What if I have tried to get answers and after contacting IRS several times have not been successful?

A. Call Taxpayer Advocate at 1-877-777-4778 or for TTY/TDD 1-800-829-4059.

Tips for the next tax period

Make sure that you claim the proper amount of credit on your next tax return. You may need to adjust your estimated tax payments or your federal tax deposits.

Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 10-Feb-2014

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How to get help

  • Call the 1-800 number listed on the top right corner of your notice.
  • Authorize someone (e.g., accountant) to contact the IRS on your behalf using Form 2848.
  • See if you qualify for help from a Low Income Taxpayer Clinic.

The File 2010 Taxes Late

File 2010 taxes late Publication 584-B - Introductory Material Table of Contents What's New Introduction What's New The IRS has created a page on IRS. File 2010 taxes late gov for information about Publication 584-B, at www. File 2010 taxes late irs. File 2010 taxes late gov/pub584b. File 2010 taxes late Information about any future developments affecting Publication 584-B (such as legislation enacted after we released it) will be posted on that page. File 2010 taxes late Introduction This workbook is designed to help you figure your loss on business and income-producing property in the event of a disaster, casualty, or theft. File 2010 taxes late It contains schedules to help you figure the loss to your office furniture and fixtures, information systems, motor vehicles, office supplies, buildings, and equipment. File 2010 taxes late These schedules, however, are for your information only. File 2010 taxes late You must complete Form 4684, Casualties and Thefts, to report your loss. File 2010 taxes late Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications