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The Efile Irs

Efile irs 6. Efile irs   Catch-Up Contributions Table of Contents The most that can be contributed to your 403(b) account is the lesser of your limit on annual additions or your limit on elective deferrals. Efile irs If you will be age 50 or older by the end of the year, you may also be able to make additional catch-up contributions. Efile irs These additional contributions cannot be made with after-tax employee contributions. Efile irs You are eligible to make catch-up contributions if: You will have reached age 50 by the end of the year, and The maximum amount of elective deferrals that can be made to your 403(b) account have been made for the plan year. Efile irs The maximum amount of catch-up contributions is the lesser of: $5,500 for 2013 and unchanged for 2014, or The excess of your compensation for the year, over the elective deferrals that are not catch-up contributions. Efile irs Figuring catch-up contributions. Efile irs   When figuring allowable catch-up contributions, combine all catch-up contributions made by your employer on your behalf to the following plans. Efile irs Qualified retirement plans. Efile irs (To determine if your plan is a qualified plan, ask your plan administrator. Efile irs ) 403(b) plans. Efile irs Simplified employee pension (SEP) plans. Efile irs SIMPLE plans. Efile irs   The total amount of the catch-up contributions on your behalf to all plans maintained by your employer cannot be more than the annual limit. Efile irs For 2013 the limit is $5,500, unchanged for 2014. Efile irs    If you are eligible for both the 15-year rule increase in elective deferrals and the age 50 catch-up, allocate amounts first under the 15-year rule and next as an age 50 catch-up. Efile irs    Catch-up contributions do not affect your MAC. Efile irs Therefore, the maximum amount that you are allowed to have contributed to your 403(b) account is your MAC plus your allowable catch-up contribution. Efile irs You can use Worksheet C in chapter 9 to figure your limit on catch-up contributions. Efile irs Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications