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2010 Taxes Online

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2010 Taxes Online

2010 taxes online 11. 2010 taxes online   Employer-Provided Educational Assistance Table of Contents Introduction Working condition fringe benefit. 2010 taxes online Introduction If you receive educational assistance benefits from your employer under an educational assistance program, you can exclude up to $5,250 of those benefits each year. 2010 taxes online This means your employer should not include those benefits with your wages, tips, and other compensation shown in box 1 of your Form W-2. 2010 taxes online This also means that you do not have to include the benefits on your income tax return. 2010 taxes online You cannot use any of the tax-free education expenses paid for by your employer as the basis for any other deduction or credit, including the American opportunity credit and lifetime learning credit. 2010 taxes online Educational assistance program. 2010 taxes online   To qualify as an educational assistance program, the plan must be written and must meet certain other requirements. 2010 taxes online Your employer can tell you whether there is a qualified program where you work. 2010 taxes online Educational assistance benefits. 2010 taxes online   Tax-free educational assistance benefits include payments for tuition, fees and similar expenses, books, supplies, and equipment. 2010 taxes online Education generally includes any form of instruction or training that improves or develops your capabilities. 2010 taxes online The payments do not have to be for work-related courses or courses that are part of a degree program. 2010 taxes online   Educational assistance benefits do not include payments for the following items. 2010 taxes online Meals, lodging, or transportation. 2010 taxes online Tools or supplies (other than textbooks) that you can keep after completing the course of instruction. 2010 taxes online Courses involving sports, games, or hobbies unless they: Have a reasonable relationship to the business of your employer, or Are required as part of a degree program. 2010 taxes online Benefits over $5,250. 2010 taxes online   If your employer pays more than $5,250 in educational assistance benefits for you during the year, you must generally pay tax on the amount over $5,250. 2010 taxes online Your employer should include in your wages (Form W-2, box 1) the amount that you must include in income. 2010 taxes online Working condition fringe benefit. 2010 taxes online    However, if the benefits over $5,250 also qualify as a working condition fringe benefit, your employer does not have to include them in your wages. 2010 taxes online A working condition fringe benefit is a benefit which, had you paid for it, you could deduct as an employee business expense. 2010 taxes online For more information on working condition fringe benefits, see Working Condition Benefits in chapter 2 of Publication 15-B, Employer's Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits. 2010 taxes online Prev  Up  Next   Home   More Online Publications

Jobs, Education, and Volunteerism

Find government information on education, training, finding a job, public service and volunteerism, workplace issues and more.

  • Education and Training
    Primary, secondary, and higher education; adult, vocational, and special education; financial aid; job training; literacy resources...
  • Finding a Job
    Choosing a career, building a resume, applying for jobs, becoming self-employed, government jobs...
  • Government Jobs
    Federal, state, local, military, and volunteer opportunities available from the U.S. government...
  • Public Service and Volunteer Opportunities
    Learn more about government and public service; donate goods and money; give blood; volunteer your time...
  • Workplace Issues
    Family and medical leave, labor relations, the minimum wage, workers' compensation, workplace safety...

The 2010 Taxes Online

2010 taxes online Index A Accounting methods, Accounting Methods Accrual method, Accrual method. 2010 taxes online Change in accounting method Section 481(a) adjustment. 2010 taxes online , Change in accounting method. 2010 taxes online Mark-to-market accounting method, Mark-to-market accounting method. 2010 taxes online Nonaccrual experience method, Nonaccrual experience method. 2010 taxes online Percentage of completion method, Percentage of completion method. 2010 taxes online Accounting periods, Accounting Periods Accumulated earnings tax, Accumulated Earnings Tax Alternative minimum tax (AMT), Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) At-risk limits, At-Risk Limits B Backup withholding, Backup withholding. 2010 taxes online Below-market loans, Below-Market Loans C Capital contributions, Capital Contributions Capital losses, Capital Losses Charitable contributions, Charitable Contributions Closely held corporation: At-risk limits, Closely held corporation. 2010 taxes online Closely held corporations:, Closely held corporations. 2010 taxes online Comments, Comments and suggestions. 2010 taxes online Corporate preference items, Corporate Preference Items Corporations, businesses taxed as, Businesses Taxed as Corporations Credits, Credits Credits: Foreign tax, Credits General business credit, Credits Prior year minimum tax, Credits D Distributions: Money or property. 2010 taxes online , Money or Property Distributions Other, Constructive Distributions Reporting, Reporting Dividends and Other Distributions Stock or stock rights, Distributions of Stock or Stock Rights To shareholders, Distributions to Shareholders Dividends-received deduction, Dividends-Received Deduction E EFTPS, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). 2010 taxes online Electronic filing, Electronic filing. 2010 taxes online Energy-efficient commercial building property deduction, Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Property Deduction Estimated tax, Estimated Tax Extraordinary dividends, Extraordinary Dividends F Figuring: NOL carryovers, Figuring the NOL Carryover Tax, Figuring Tax Foreign tax credit, Credits Form: 1096, Form 1099-DIV. 2010 taxes online 1099–DIV, Form 1099-DIV. 2010 taxes online 1118, Credits 1120, Which form to file. 2010 taxes online 1120-W, How to figure each required installment. 2010 taxes online 1120X, Refunds. 2010 taxes online , NOL carryback. 2010 taxes online 1138, Carryback expected. 2010 taxes online 1139, Refunds. 2010 taxes online , NOL carryback. 2010 taxes online 2220, Form 2220. 2010 taxes online 3800, Credits, Recapture Taxes 4255, Recapture Taxes 4626, Form 4626. 2010 taxes online 5452, Form 5452. 2010 taxes online 7004, Extension of time to file. 2010 taxes online 8611, Recapture Taxes 8827, Credits 8832, Business formed after 1996. 2010 taxes online 8834, Recapture Taxes 8845, Recapture Taxes 8874, Recapture Taxes 8882, Recapture Taxes 8912, Credits G Going into business, Costs of Going Into Business I Income tax returns, Income Tax Return L Loans, below-market, Below-Market Loans M Minimum tax credit, Credits N Net operating losses, Net Operating Losses Nontaxable exchange of property for stock, Property Exchanged for Stock P Paid-in capital, Paid-in capital. 2010 taxes online Passive activity limits, Passive Activity Limits Paying estimated tax, How to pay estimated tax. 2010 taxes online Penalties Other, Other penalties. 2010 taxes online Trust fund recovery, Trust fund recovery penalty. 2010 taxes online Penalties: Estimated tax, Underpayment penalty. 2010 taxes online Late filing of return, Late filing of return. 2010 taxes online Late payment of tax, Late payment of tax. 2010 taxes online Personal service corporation: Figuring tax, Qualified personal service corporation. 2010 taxes online Personal service corporations:, Personal service corporations. 2010 taxes online Preference items, Corporate Preference Items Q Qualified refinery property, election to expense, Election to Expense Qualified Refinery Property Qualifying shipping activities, income from, Income From Qualifying Shipping Activities R Recapture taxes: Childcare facilities and services credit , Recapture Taxes Indian employment credit, Recapture Taxes Investment credit, Recapture Taxes Low-income housing credit, Recapture Taxes New markets credit, Recapture Taxes Qualified plug-in electric and electric vehicle credit, Recapture Taxes Recordkeeping, Recordkeeping Related persons, Related Persons Retained earnings, Accumulated Earnings Tax S Suggestions, Comments and suggestions. 2010 taxes online T Tax help, How To Get Tax Help Tax rate schedule, Tax Rate Schedule Tax, figuring, Figuring Tax Taxpayer Advocate, Contacting your Taxpayer Advocate. 2010 taxes online TTY/TDD information, How To Get Tax Help Prev  Up     Home   More Online Publications