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New Tax Guide Helps People With Their 2013 Taxes

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IR-2013-102, Dec. 23, 2013

WASHINGTON — Taxpayers can get the most out of various tax benefits and get a jump on preparing their 2013 federal income tax returns by consulting a newly revised comprehensive tax guide now available on

Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax, features details on taking advantage of a wide range of tax-saving opportunities, such as the American Opportunity Tax Credit for parents and college students, and the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit for low- and moderate-income workers. It also features a rundown on tax changes for 2013 including information on revised tax rates and new limits on various tax benefits for some taxpayers.  This useful 292-page guide also provides thousands of interactive links to help taxpayers quickly get answers to their questions.

Publication 17 has been published annually by the IRS since the 1940s and has been available on the IRS web site since 1996. As in prior years, this publication is packed with basic tax-filing information and tips on what income to report and how to report it, figuring capital gains and losses, claiming dependents, choosing the standard deduction versus itemizing deductions, and using IRAs to save for retirement.

Besides Publication 17, offers many other helpful resources for those doing year-end tax planning. Many 2013 forms are already posted, and updated versions of other forms, instructions and publications are being posted almost every day. Forms already available include Form 1040 and short Forms 1040A and1040EZ.

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The 1040z

1040z Index A Additional Medicare Tax, Reminders, Additional Medicare Tax withholding. 1040z Aliens, nonresident, Withholding income taxes on the wages of nonresident alien employees. 1040z , Withholding adjustment for nonresident alien employees. 1040z Assistance (see Tax help) C COBRA premium assistance credit, Reminders COBRA Premium Assistance Credit, COBRA premium assistance credit. 1040z Commodity wages, Commodity wages. 1040z Crew leaders, Crew Leaders, 10. 1040z Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax D Deposit Penalties, Deposit Penalties Deposit rules Electronic funds transfer, 7. 1040z Depositing Taxes Lookback period, Lookback period. 1040z Differential wage payments, Reminders Disregarded entities, Reminders E Electronic deposits, Electronic deposit requirement. 1040z Electronic payment, Reminders Electronic reporting, Calendar Employee defined, 2. 1040z Who Are Employees? Employer identification number (EIN), Employer identification number (EIN). 1040z Employers of farmworkers, 2. 1040z Who Are Employees? Exemption from withholding, Exemption from federal income tax withholding. 1040z F Farmworkers Crew leaders, Crew Leaders Defined, 2. 1040z Who Are Employees? Federal unemployment (FUTA) taxes, 10. 1040z Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Forms 843, Form 843. 1040z 940, 10. 1040z Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax 943, 8. 1040z Form 943 943-X, Prior Year Adjustments I-9, Reminders W-2, Filing corrections to Forms W-2 and W-3. 1040z W-4, Reminders, Form W-4. 1040z W-4(SP), Reminders, Form W-4. 1040z H H-2A visa holders, Compensation paid to H-2A visa holders. 1040z Household employees Employment tax withholding, Household employees. 1040z I Income tax withholding How to figure, How To Figure Federal Income Tax Withholding Percentage method, 13. 1040z Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods Wage bracket method, 13. 1040z Federal Income Tax Withholding Methods Who must withhold, 5. 1040z Federal Income Tax Withholding Independent contractor, 2. 1040z Who Are Employees? L Lookback period, Lookback period. 1040z N Noncash wages, Commodity wages. 1040z P Penalties, Deposit Penalties Prior year adjustments, Prior Year Adjustments Publications (see Tax help) Q Qualified subchapter S subsidiaries (QSubs), Reminders R Reconciling Forms W-2, W-3, and 943, 11. 1040z Reconciling Wage Reporting Forms Reconciling wage reporting forms, 11. 1040z Reconciling Wage Reporting Forms S Share farmers, Share farmers. 1040z Social security and Medicare withholding, 4. 1040z Social Security and Medicare Taxes Social security number (SSN), Social security number (SSN). 1040z Spouses who own and operate a business together , Business Owned and Operated by Spouses Supplemental wages, Supplemental wages. 1040z T Tax help, How To Get Tax Help Taxpayer identification number, 1. 1040z Taxpayer Identification Numbers Trust fund recovery penalty, Trust fund recovery penalty. 1040z TTY/TDD information, How To Get Tax Help W Withholding Income tax, 5. 1040z Federal Income Tax Withholding Nonresident aliens, Withholding adjustment for nonresident alien employees. 1040z Supplemental wages, Supplemental wages. 1040z Prev  Up     Home   More Online Publications